Forches Cross, Newton Abbot
The Bunker, Exeter

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With two prime locations across South and East Devon, UCZ Paintball Parks are your first choice for heart-pumping paintballing games set in a variety of exciting environments. From thick woodland, to villages, bridges, forts and indoor urban combat, we can offer it all!

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Our Newton Abbot venue has recently moved from Trago Mills to Forches Cross and features superb equipment, an amazing and easy to reach location, and quality facilities to ensure an enjoyable day out for all. Visit UCZ at Forches Cross, for a paintballing or laser game experience to remember!

Continually developed and improved, this venue is amongst the best in the region with a wide variety of combat zones specifically designed to challenge and entertain.

To book call 01626 833 200 or click to find out more.

The South West's only urban paintball venue. Situated just off the M5, The Bunker is a thrilling, unique experience for all adrenalin seekers. Facilities here are second-to-none and the indoor and outdoor playing areas provide a varied and fun paintball, laser or airsoft experience.

The Bunker has a huge indoor playing area that means games can be played day or night! Lasers, lighting and sound effects all add to the amazing experience.

To book call 01626 833 200 or click to find out more.

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